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We’re a friendly genuine local window shading company specialising in made to measure blinds in Surrey, London and other neighbouring counties. We offer a huge variety of interior blinds, shutters and exterior window solutions like awnings, solar shades and window film with a great selection of styles, colours and finishes to suit any budget.

We offer motorised solutions with the latest in TECH suitable for even the most demanding connected SMART homes.

A lot of our products are manufactured at our workshop in Surbiton. For our blinds, we exclusively use fabrics and components made here in the UK. This ensures the highest standard of quality with fast turnaround times.

We have a diverse domestic and commercial client portfolio of clients.

We offer a wide range of complete solutions and services for our commercial clients in small businesses, Schools, Colleges and Universities, local Councils and other public sector organisations.

Ability to timely provide services like repairs, alterations and cleaning ads to big savings  in costs.

Please give us a call and experience our expert advice and great customer service that you’ll enjoy.

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